Lauren // Bridal Portraits

So I'm in the middle of editing this wedding where I'm so anxious to get the photos done and shared because of how beautiful they are. But I also realized that I've had a little preview of all the goodness on my computer for months in the form of Miss Lauren's bridal portraits. Ah! What a practice in self control this wedding has been. But now Zach has seen the beauty which means you get to see it, too. Hopefully this will tide you over until the main course comes out. Congrats, Lauren and Zach! Pictures and video (!) coming soon. 


That New New // Life of Mags 3

Hi Nashville. Funny fact--blog posts about moving to a new city are often filled with pictures of the beautiful new places and food and people the mover is meeting, yeah? Well this neurotic little explorer is taking baby steps, and all I got for you guys is a few clutch shots of the new apartment (living room...) and my partner in crime--Margot. Everyone's quite happy, though, and I'm already so thankful for the people who have reached out and the work that has begun. Every Nashville endeavor has been a dream boat so far. 

Guys, it's valentines day. Stay tuned as I plan to document the home cooked meal and (surprise) dessert I have planned for Thomas--my valentime. Shh. Yes, my valentiMe. 

But hey! Don't forget that love is big--there are plenty of galentines, dudentines, dog-entines, momentines, famentimes, etc that need a shout out from you today! I'll stop here before this post goes into basic think piece zone. 


Memaw // Life of Mags 2

We celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday the other day. 'Memaw' is our strong and kind matriarch, the head of a beautiful (see photos) family. Seriously, we get cuter and cuter as we go. The great grandkids all surely have acting and modeling careers on lock...

I'm so proud to look at this woman and know I have her blood in me, and I hope I can hold tight to the idea that perhaps, then, I have hopes of being like her. I want to be brave in the face of hardships like her, I want to be bold like her, I want to love nature and the great American West like her. I want to love road trips and gardening and family like she does. She loves us all so much--she weeps when we are absent, she delights so much when we make it for visits, short or long. Oh, she's the sweetest. Take a look at her. Take a look at all the people who wouldn't be possible without her. 

Mom and Memaw, my girls, my source of beauty.

Mom and Memaw, my girls, my source of beauty.

Margot // Life of Mags 1

So I got a puppy/life partner. Her name is Margot. Essentially the french 'Maggie.' Is that narcissism? Let's not spend too much time on it. She's a dream. And a bundle of struggles that every dog owner oh so traditionally never sees coming. But she's mine and I love her dearly. A friend suggested I begin a lifestyle blog. I thought--where do you even start with these? Then I came here, to this tiny little wedding blog and thought, maybe I'll sprinkle bits of life and puppies and new recipes here and people will hardly notice how cliché I'm being? Maybe.

But it's appropriate to begin the 'life of mags' posts on this blog with Margot--my puppy, my first and clumsiest step into adulthood. If you stay tuned, you will watch me and this orange freckled wonder move to Nashville, try and make friends, bake when there are no friends, and try to lure friends a second time with our lonely pastries. Also, I'll try and let pictures speak more. Oh stop talking, Mags.

Ian + Grace

I met Grace and Ian a little under a year ago to take their engagements in the always charming Queen City (that's Charlotte, NC, darlings). And somehow, time did that thing it does where it made the seemingly far off wedding day finally arrive. Time also did a little preserving--Grace and Ian were just as classy and calm and in love as the day I first met them. A winter wedding was also just what post-Christmas Maggie needed. I love this job.

 One of the most memorable things about Grace and Ian's wedding--it was a wet and rainy day but I'm pretty sure the bridal party never noticed... The lovebirds and their friends were just having way too much fun to talk about rain. Wedding day optimism is the best. 

Second shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

Second shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

Second shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

Second shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

Second Shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

Second Shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

James + Sara

This Greenville, SC wedding was one of the few weddings where I had to consciously hold back tears of joy in order to keep filming all day. I mean it doesn't take much to make me cry, I'm sure all my clients have had the classic/awkward "wait, is the photographer...tearing up?" moment. But all the expressions of joy on Sara and James' big day (from the vows to the endless variety of dance moves from the bridal party) were so full of heart. I'm so glad I was able to film it all for them, because it's truly one of those weddings where going through my footage brought me right back to all the sweet feelings (and maybe this time I shed real tears since I was alone). 

Sara and James, thank you for being so warm and welcoming to your lowly videographers ;) We couldn't have had a better time! Congrats! All the rest of you, please, share in this joy and watch the video!!

Katherine + Joe

I was so charmed by all the support and love at this lovely September wedding--whether it was the bridesmaids praying over our bride, bride and groom exchanging pre-wedding notes, or parents getting up to pray for bride and groom during the ceremony. I mean, you wanna talk about a dedicated support system? The bridesmaids stayed true to coordinating in honor of the bride before they even zipped up their gowns. And I don't mean matching robes or pretty monogrammed button ups. I mean this:

You see, our bride, Katherine, is affectionately called 'Big Kat' by her best girls. See what I mean? This was clearly a fun group, and an incredibly sweet day. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it, Kat & Joe. Congratulations!

Clearly you wanna see more of this wedding:

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit:  Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit:  Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett

2nd shooter credit: Daniel Padgett


I've had the opportunity to snap a few shots of some incredible young women on the path to rad college times over the past couple of days. Amidst the beautiful chaos of wedding season, it was nice to slow down with these one on one sessions. Just me and another strong, intelligent, beautiful girl (give or take a few sisters/mothers/horses cheering us on) kickin' it in some picture perfect location. Class of 2015, get at me!  


Windy + Andrew

A hot summer wedding day can be a struggle, but when you've got a positive/absolutely-in-love bride and groom it might as well be the middle of spring. Windy and Andrew's country chic wedding was just too good. The venue was killer and the sweet smiles shared between bride and groom were my favorite ones yet. There was a ton of love, family, and country cuteness to go around that day, and all that blowing from the bubble get away created a nice breeze...

But seriously, this wedding...

(stay tuned for an equally wonderful wedding video!!)


Growing family // The Caltons

It's a dream when your older brother starts a family and you happen to be a photographer/sister that he likes. Since Wes and Kelly got married I've been able to photograph their growth up to the present--they're now inspiring parents to two beautiful boys. I got to snag some pictures of the latest addition to our family, Pack Davidson Calton, as well as new pictures of our rapidly growing Walker a couple of weeks ago at Fripp Island, SC. This family is so beautiful. Thankful.


Megan + Chris

It's always great to party down in my hometown for a wedding, so I was so glad when Megan came to me to photograph her and Chris's Spartanburg, SC wedding. Such a mature, beautiful pair. Enjoy a peak at their day!


Grace + Ian // Engagements

Ah, engagements. Very often, my first meeting with a couple. What's better than going on what is basically a date and having some awkward girl with a camera follow you around (is this bad marketing?)? Ah, but I've  been blessed with the best couples so far who are totally down to let me third wheel it and gawk at their beautiful love as I play paparazzi. Grace and Ian are no exception. This cute Charlotte, NC couple brought their city and love for the (not so close to their city) Yankees to their engagements and the result couldn't be cuter. Enjoy, my friends! 



Windy // Bridals

Windy and Andrew just got hitched a couple weeks ago, and as I wrap up their round of pictures and video I realize that I can finally show you guys some of Windy's gorgeous bridal portraits. Cause her boo has seen her in white now. Sorry to keep you guys in suspense, but it was worth the wait, no?


Rosie + Sal // Sal + Rosie

First wedding of the summer was a gorgeous VA mountain farm wedding, so who could have asked for a better way to kick things off? Rosie and Sal were pumped to get married, but also super pumped to show their friends a killer weekend--I was so impressed and charmed by the community surrounding their love. You can giggle at some of the picture-guestbook entries with me and see what I mean. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Elrahal! Keep watch for their super stellar wedding video coming soon.



Laughing proudly at the work of myself and my comrades this past semester at USC. Thought I was a little crazy for not having featured this on the blog yet. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my latest short film and experiment in comedy, A-Cup.

Sara Katherine + John Thad

Sara Katherine, Skate, has been a second mother, sister, mentor, and friend to me since I was small and on the edge of some of my first self-discoveries. This lady has taught me so much about art, life, and how to bring truth and sweetness into every relationship. Come any where close to her and you will see so much grace, bravery, creativity, and youth in this little lady's life. So obviously, this shoot was a wee bit closer to me heart than most. 

I can't describe how honored I was to finally meet Skate's best friend and fiancé, John Thad. Not only that, I had the pleasure of photographing this power couple. Skate is one of the most unique birds I know, so, it was sigh-inducing to see how well John Thad complemented her spirit. They're the best.

They were also troopers! After the first location was a bust due to prom night 2k14, we managed to find sweet solitude in a more romantic, perfectly lit location (sans sequin-clad teenagers). So please, gawk with me:

Indie Grits: Adventures in Interning and Creative Affirmation

So I've been interning for the Indie Grits Film Festival since October of last year. I've been learning so much about everything--promotion, event planning, website building, writing, illustrator, premiere, popcorn consumption, etc. My boss, Seth Gadsden, has been so intentional and patient in teaching me and throwing me in to the ring of experience. He goes beyond simple instruction and supervision, though, which is something I really appreciate. Over the past few months, my boss has taught me some really valuable lessons on art and storytelling. He's a pretty rad artist himself, with a vast arsenal of cool experiences. So cheers, Seth. You taught another human valuable human things!

One really cool thing that I did not necessarily expect in the realm of Indie Grits was my film Bump's acceptance into the festival. It was one of my first real attempts as a filmmaker. I couldn't have done it without Rebecca Arrowsmith jumping in the moment I shared my desire to tell a story. Writing, casting, rewriting, directing, shooting, sweating, editing, etc--Rebecca was my other half, art wife, perfect match. So thanks Rebecca, for so naturally sharing my vision and pushing it along with honesty and grace. Let's do it again. Though nothing is perfect, I'm really happy with our first stab at story telling via film.

If you'd like to see it, Bump will be making its world premiere at The Indie Grits Film Festival on Saturday April 19th @ 530. You can buy tickets here. Browse the Indie Grits site for more cool events and screenings, though. I'm really proud to be a part of this festival and couldn't be more eager for all of you to experience it in some way. 

Here are few stills from the film to tickle your fancy. Much love to my crazy talented kid actors. Whoever says 'don't work with kids in film' needs to meet my actors. So much passion and maturity for such little dudes and ladies. That's mostly thanks to their incredible moms who were equally awesome in both raising cool children, and helping out before, during, and after shooting. 

Special thanks to my boyfriend, Thomas Howard, for letting me use his music and for trying his best to save my silly attempts at sound design.