James + Sara

This Greenville, SC wedding was one of the few weddings where I had to consciously hold back tears of joy in order to keep filming all day. I mean it doesn't take much to make me cry, I'm sure all my clients have had the classic/awkward "wait, is the photographer...tearing up?" moment. But all the expressions of joy on Sara and James' big day (from the vows to the endless variety of dance moves from the bridal party) were so full of heart. I'm so glad I was able to film it all for them, because it's truly one of those weddings where going through my footage brought me right back to all the sweet feelings (and maybe this time I shed real tears since I was alone). 

Sara and James, thank you for being so warm and welcoming to your lowly videographers ;) We couldn't have had a better time! Congrats! All the rest of you, please, share in this joy and watch the video!!