Margot // Life of Mags 1

So I got a puppy/life partner. Her name is Margot. Essentially the french 'Maggie.' Is that narcissism? Let's not spend too much time on it. She's a dream. And a bundle of struggles that every dog owner oh so traditionally never sees coming. But she's mine and I love her dearly. A friend suggested I begin a lifestyle blog. I thought--where do you even start with these? Then I came here, to this tiny little wedding blog and thought, maybe I'll sprinkle bits of life and puppies and new recipes here and people will hardly notice how cliché I'm being? Maybe.

But it's appropriate to begin the 'life of mags' posts on this blog with Margot--my puppy, my first and clumsiest step into adulthood. If you stay tuned, you will watch me and this orange freckled wonder move to Nashville, try and make friends, bake when there are no friends, and try to lure friends a second time with our lonely pastries. Also, I'll try and let pictures speak more. Oh stop talking, Mags.