Monet Bride

I've been wanting to do a Monet-inspired shoot for a very long time, and with a little bit of luck I was able to find a partner who was just as inspired by some good old impressionism, as well as totally in love with the wedding world! Maghan Phelps of Emblem Weddings brought her planning, tablescaping, and design skills along to create something really sweet with very little effort. We got up at the crack of dawn (ahem, our Impression, Sunrise) to do this thing and I'm dying to do more of the things with this wedding inspiration guru. Brides, Maghan is the girl to run your day while you live in it. 

What's the takeaway for this episode? Well, my engaged friends, are you overwhelmed with color schemes, design decisions, etc? Picking a classic painting as your wedding design inspiration sort of guarantees a beautiful color palette without starting a single pinterest board. Bonus: the stress of wedding planning is suddenly null when you're no longer a bride or groom, but an art historian picking out their favorite painting! What's that? Go home, nerd? I'll see myself out. 

Thanks to Jessica Effler for modeling through chilly sunrise nonsense and managing to look as warm and happy as ever. We can all thank the incredible design genius of Sarah Janks for the gown and The Dress Theory Nashville for both guiding us to the gown and letting us borrow it. Katie Lancaster brought(!) the hair and make up and Drew Duncan fixed up a lovely paper suite in no time. Grateful.