That New New // Life of Mags 3

Hi Nashville. Funny fact--blog posts about moving to a new city are often filled with pictures of the beautiful new places and food and people the mover is meeting, yeah? Well this neurotic little explorer is taking baby steps, and all I got for you guys is a few clutch shots of the new apartment (living room...) and my partner in crime--Margot. Everyone's quite happy, though, and I'm already so thankful for the people who have reached out and the work that has begun. Every Nashville endeavor has been a dream boat so far. 

Guys, it's valentines day. Stay tuned as I plan to document the home cooked meal and (surprise) dessert I have planned for Thomas--my valentime. Shh. Yes, my valentiMe. 

But hey! Don't forget that love is big--there are plenty of galentines, dudentines, dog-entines, momentines, famentimes, etc that need a shout out from you today! I'll stop here before this post goes into basic think piece zone.