Loves // Life of Mags 4

Life has been crazy over the past few months and that is officially the 1 trillionth time you've read that phrase on a blog. You're welcome.

But after this weekend's visit with the best friend, it felt appropriate to just bundle all the images I haven't blogged yet together as one big family. Between my boyfriend, my dog, and my life long best friend, there is a good theme going here. I even have links to more interesting things than this blog if you get bored. 

Thankful for this furry growing thing that I call my pet. Despite the frustrations that come with an ever evolving puppy personality, a week of ice in Nashville, and stir craziness, I look at that little fur baby everyday like, "I love you so much, what even?" I hope more and more I can look at my little piece of nature with awe, to say "I hope to catch up to you someday." Is Maggie crazy? No, I'm just clinging to this really important sermon about glory and the earth and God, right here

Thankful for what was a perfect Valentine's day in--a couple humbly celebrating their love over DIY dinner (we do 20-something-tight-budget-love pretty well). And in a not so humble fashion, Thomas and I made killer steak and gloated about it the whole evening to each other--but we all know who was actually responsible. Surprise eclairs were also a hit. It's the little triumphs. 

Thankful for birthdays, and no matter how much we want to avoid them or worry they won't be as good as last year somebody tends to come through for you. Elizabeth has always been that someone. She's been one giant reliable, laughter inducing friend since we were all knees and elbows. Weird little girls all the way to weird little women, doing life together no matter how far. Her love is beautiful in how intentional it is (like driving to Nashville from Clemson, SC to see me), and the unintentional aspects of her love are beautiful, as well (like the way she forgot to take her cookie cake home with her). 

Count them blessings, friend, learn from one another. 


That New New // Life of Mags 3

Hi Nashville. Funny fact--blog posts about moving to a new city are often filled with pictures of the beautiful new places and food and people the mover is meeting, yeah? Well this neurotic little explorer is taking baby steps, and all I got for you guys is a few clutch shots of the new apartment (living room...) and my partner in crime--Margot. Everyone's quite happy, though, and I'm already so thankful for the people who have reached out and the work that has begun. Every Nashville endeavor has been a dream boat so far. 

Guys, it's valentines day. Stay tuned as I plan to document the home cooked meal and (surprise) dessert I have planned for Thomas--my valentime. Shh. Yes, my valentiMe. 

But hey! Don't forget that love is big--there are plenty of galentines, dudentines, dog-entines, momentines, famentimes, etc that need a shout out from you today! I'll stop here before this post goes into basic think piece zone. 


Margot // Life of Mags 1

So I got a puppy/life partner. Her name is Margot. Essentially the french 'Maggie.' Is that narcissism? Let's not spend too much time on it. She's a dream. And a bundle of struggles that every dog owner oh so traditionally never sees coming. But she's mine and I love her dearly. A friend suggested I begin a lifestyle blog. I thought--where do you even start with these? Then I came here, to this tiny little wedding blog and thought, maybe I'll sprinkle bits of life and puppies and new recipes here and people will hardly notice how cliché I'm being? Maybe.

But it's appropriate to begin the 'life of mags' posts on this blog with Margot--my puppy, my first and clumsiest step into adulthood. If you stay tuned, you will watch me and this orange freckled wonder move to Nashville, try and make friends, bake when there are no friends, and try to lure friends a second time with our lonely pastries. Also, I'll try and let pictures speak more. Oh stop talking, Mags.