Indie Grits: Adventures in Interning and Creative Affirmation

So I've been interning for the Indie Grits Film Festival since October of last year. I've been learning so much about everything--promotion, event planning, website building, writing, illustrator, premiere, popcorn consumption, etc. My boss, Seth Gadsden, has been so intentional and patient in teaching me and throwing me in to the ring of experience. He goes beyond simple instruction and supervision, though, which is something I really appreciate. Over the past few months, my boss has taught me some really valuable lessons on art and storytelling. He's a pretty rad artist himself, with a vast arsenal of cool experiences. So cheers, Seth. You taught another human valuable human things!

One really cool thing that I did not necessarily expect in the realm of Indie Grits was my film Bump's acceptance into the festival. It was one of my first real attempts as a filmmaker. I couldn't have done it without Rebecca Arrowsmith jumping in the moment I shared my desire to tell a story. Writing, casting, rewriting, directing, shooting, sweating, editing, etc--Rebecca was my other half, art wife, perfect match. So thanks Rebecca, for so naturally sharing my vision and pushing it along with honesty and grace. Let's do it again. Though nothing is perfect, I'm really happy with our first stab at story telling via film.

If you'd like to see it, Bump will be making its world premiere at The Indie Grits Film Festival on Saturday April 19th @ 530. You can buy tickets here. Browse the Indie Grits site for more cool events and screenings, though. I'm really proud to be a part of this festival and couldn't be more eager for all of you to experience it in some way. 

Here are few stills from the film to tickle your fancy. Much love to my crazy talented kid actors. Whoever says 'don't work with kids in film' needs to meet my actors. So much passion and maturity for such little dudes and ladies. That's mostly thanks to their incredible moms who were equally awesome in both raising cool children, and helping out before, during, and after shooting. 

Special thanks to my boyfriend, Thomas Howard, for letting me use his music and for trying his best to save my silly attempts at sound design.