Senior Portraits // Katie

I had the pleasure of photographing a girl I knew since she was a little kid, and I was an awkward tween. College caused me to be absent from her life during her awkward years (she probably didn't even have awkward years), thus bringing us back together for senior photos. This skipped me right ahead to gorgeous young adult little lady thing. Katie is a photographer herself, so I hope she didn't mind giving up a little control to get in front of the camera with me. The shoot involved me, Katie, Katie's friend Morrison (moral support is important for photo shoots, guys), and a sunny day in my hometown. We walked through our dream neighborhood and basked in how well Katie's beauty blended with the beauty of spring. 

I'll settle for nothing less than this level of chill and fun on my senior photo shoots, friends. So seniors, hit me up!

favorite image of the day!!

favorite image of the day!!

Sara Katherine + John Thad

Sara Katherine, Skate, has been a second mother, sister, mentor, and friend to me since I was small and on the edge of some of my first self-discoveries. This lady has taught me so much about art, life, and how to bring truth and sweetness into every relationship. Come any where close to her and you will see so much grace, bravery, creativity, and youth in this little lady's life. So obviously, this shoot was a wee bit closer to me heart than most. 

I can't describe how honored I was to finally meet Skate's best friend and fiancé, John Thad. Not only that, I had the pleasure of photographing this power couple. Skate is one of the most unique birds I know, so, it was sigh-inducing to see how well John Thad complemented her spirit. They're the best.

They were also troopers! After the first location was a bust due to prom night 2k14, we managed to find sweet solitude in a more romantic, perfectly lit location (sans sequin-clad teenagers). So please, gawk with me: